How do I use a gift card?

In order to use your gift voucher please do the following:
1. Enter the code and press ENTER - the value of the gift voucher will now be deducted from your order total.
2. If the gift voucher does not cover the total of your order you now get to the next step where you can choose which payment option you want to use for the remaining payment.
3. Finish your order.
When buying digital gift cards, keep in mind the following:
If you buy any item other than the digital gift card, the mail with the gift card will be sent to your email when your parcel is shipped from our warehouse.
If you only buy digital gift cards, it may take up to 24h before your gift card is sent to your email.
Please keep in mind that you can only use one gift voucher per order.
These are the terms of your gift voucher:
-The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
-You can partially use the gift voucher, you do not need to use the full amount in one go.

How long are promotions / offers valid?

Information about our offers and promotions are listed in the current promotional newsletter or at
We reserve ourselves for a product or promotion to expire.

How do I use a discount code?

To use your discount code, follow the steps below when making your order:
1. Press the plus sign at the text 'add discount code' in the shopping cart.
2. Enter the code and click 'activate code'.
3. Remember to redeem your discount code before completing your order.
Keep in mind that you can only use one discount code per order, our discount codes can only be used once and then it is invalid. Our discount codes can also be linked to specific products or campaigns.
Information about our offers and promotions is listed in the current ad or newsletter or at